EXCLUSIVE: Israel Today Interviews Katie Hopkins

We had the chance to chat with one of the West’s most controversial conservative pundits about Israel and Western liberalism

Israel Today recently had the opportunity to interview one of the UK's more controversial conservative commentators regarding her views on Israel's modern rebirth, the Middle East conflict and the liberal agenda that she and others like her say is sinking the West and eroding support for the Jewish state there.

Katie Hopkins is reviled by liberals in both the UK and North America, but she's found growing popularity among conservatives who see her as one of the few willing to speak truth to ills in our societies, irrespective of the consequences of doing so.

Below are several outtakes from the interview that took place when Hopkins was visiting Israel. The full text of the interview can be found in the November 2018 issue of Israel Today Magazine.

Israel Today: You mentioned being encouraged by seeing enthusiastic young Jews from around the world visiting Hebron. Most other journalists think Israel should get out of Hebron and other "Palestinian" towns.

Katie Hopkins: We were there when young recruits for the IDF were shown around. That was so exhilarating. I met these young Israelis who were there because they wanted to belong to something. There were 16- and 17-year-old boys from London coming to join the IDF as volunteers because they needed to belong to and fight for something. That's why I was so excited. But then I went into the Palestinian side. The level of hatred there is just beyond any kind of understanding.

Israel Today: How does the Jewish community in the UK feel about the rising antisemitism there?

Hopkins: Imagine being part of the Jewish community in Golders Green, where they've just approved planning for a mega-mosque right in the heart of this community. Rules were changed to make this happen. That's what the Muslim population is doing, planting these huge mosques right in the center of Jewish heredity.

Israel Today: Not many people would dare think these things, let alone saying them out loud.

Hopkins: That's exactly right, and that is why I am the target of death threats from jihadists who want to behead me. But once you choose to speak out it feels good because you give other people a voice, so I am okay with whatever the consequences may be.