Members“Islam is not a religion. It’s a violent ideology”

Israel Today’s exclusive interview with Syrian reformist and critic of Islam, Dr. Wafa Sultan

By Rami Dabbas | | Topics: Islam
Photo: Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Dr. Wafa Sultan is a writer and psychiatrist known in the Arab world for calling to reform Islam. And she has bravely issued this call in mainstream television interviews with the likes of Al Jazeera. In one of her more notable appearances on the network, a Muslim sheikh accused Sultan of atheism because she dared to criticize terrorist violence that springs from the traditional teachings of Islam.

Israel Today’s correspondent for Arab affairs, Rami Dabbas, who appeared years ago on Sultan’s show on ABN SAT, reached out to ask the doctor her views on more recent developments.


Israel Today: Who is Wafa Sultan, can you introduce yourself?

Sultan: I can’t define myself any more than I did before. I will talk about my upbringing, my culture and my ideas, three decades of my life I lived in Syria, and three decades in America. My experiences there in the motherland Syria and here in the alternate homeland in America, which crystallized my personality, defined my identity and drew...

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