Israel Pleads for the Lives of Endangered Syrian Civilians

If Israel’s such a racist country, as its antagonists claim, then why is it trying so hard to save the lives of Syrian Arabs?

Israel is a racist country that hates and wishes nothing but ill-will upon all Arabs. At least, that's what the Jewish state's antagonists will tell you.

To maintain this lie in their own heads, such people must ignore entirely one of the most important and touching stories in the Middle East today – Israel's multi-faceted campaign (dubbed “Operation Good Neighbor”) to aid Syrian civilians and keep them from being slaughtered by warring factions in their own country.

In the latest issue of Israel Today Magazine (read it here), we spoke with two badly-wounded Syrians being treated at a hospital in northern Israel. And there are thousands more like them.

But with the forces of the Syrian regime and its Russian and Iranian allies inching closer to regaining control of the entirety of southern Syria, and even greater humanitarian crisis looms.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled their homes and set up camp in the narrow strip of land adjacent to the border with Israel. It is one of the last areas not yet under direct control of dictator Bashar Assad, and, some hope, it's close enough to the Jewish state that the IDF will intervene to thwart any attempted massacre.

Israel isn't waiting till it comes to that, and this week sent urgent diplomatic communiques to Moscow urging the Russian leadership to rein in Syrian forces and prevent them from harming this mass of civilians.

Now, one has to wonder, if Israel is so hostile toward Arabs, if racism is truly the overriding trait of the Jewish people, then why go to such lengths and expend so much resources (both financial and political) to save the lives of a few thousand Arabs in a country where hundreds of thousands have already been killed and which is anyway officially at war with the loathsome "Zionist entity"?

Could it be that as a whole Israel doesn't truly harbor animosity toward the Arabs? Nah, couldn't be. That would ruin the whole narrative! Better to just ignore what's happening on the Israel-Syria border.

PHOTO: Displaced Syrians are setting up camp as close to the border as possible, within full view of Israel, and the Israeli army. (Basel Awidat/Flash90)