Israel Prepares Possible Invasion of Syria

IDF believes Iran will try to open new front on Golan, necessitating possible military incursions into Syrian territory

Israel Prepares Possible Invasion of Syria

Israeli forces in the north of the country have for the past several months been laying plans for the possible small-scale invasion of neighboring Syria, reported Israel’s Ynet news portal.

According to Israeli army assessments, Iran is equipping Islamist forces in western Syria, including the Lebanese terrorist militia Hezbollah, with the intent of opening a new front against the Jewish state on the Golan Heights.

In the scenarios envisioned by the IDF, heavily-armed terrorist cells would infiltrate the Israeli side of the Golan and attack Jewish and Druze villages there, necessitating a strong Israeli response in Syria.

Another possibility is that one of the various jihadists groups taking place in Syria’s ongoing civil war could find itself in a desperate situation and launch a major attack against Israel in hopes of drawing the IDF into the fray.

There is also the matter of the large Druze population in south-western Syria. Al Qaeda-linked jihadists have been making advances on the Druze-controlled areas in recent weeks, and the many Druze living in and loyal to Israel have beseeched the Jewish state to intervene militarily on behalf of their brothers, should the need arise.

In our August 2015 issue, Israel Today explored the possibility that Israel’s borders could soon extend further east as it looks to protect the Druze and other non-hostile populations that are today threatened by the Islamists.