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Talk With a Christian and a Jew Making Mideast Peace

This is an event that will definitely speak to hearts of Israel Today’s readers. Don’t miss it!

by Israel Today Staff

Join us for a live conversation with Elias Zarena and Amit Barak, a Christian and a Jew breaking down walls of hatred and changing hearts and minds in what could prove to be one of the most significant movements towards peace for Israel.

Amit is a Jew who lives in Gush Etzion, the heart of the biblical homeland’s settler’s movement. Elias is an Aramean Christian from Jerusalem. Arameans in Israel are a Christian minority who claim descent from the ancient Semitic-speaking people in the Middle East dating back to 1000 BC.


When: Wednesday, March 17, at 8pm Jerusalem Time

Where: Live from Israel Today’s Jerusalem Offices

How: Register below ↓



I love Israel and the Jewish people. Having grown up here I know what it means to be a Christian in Jerusalem. The Muslims pressure us to fight against Israel. They would rather have war with Israel than...


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