Making the Desert Bloom Doesn’t Stop – Even for Corona!

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By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Prophecy, Agriculture

We are not letting the Coronavirus stop us from making the biblical desert green as we promised.

Due to the current situation and the necessary precautionary measures, we had to postpone the tree planting scheduled for March 19 by two weeks.

Tomorrow morning, we drive down to Nitzana along the Egyptian border to plant another 1,400 olive trees. We had to apply for a special permit to do this as the current curfew does not allow us to drive that far south. Among other things, the regulations stipulate that no more than two people may drive together in a car. It was difficult to find workers who could participate in tree planting.

VIDEO: Very close to our groves and vineyards is the Lavan Stream, which is now rich in water due to the blessed rains

This is really not an easy time we live in, but it’s good that we have a reason to get out of the house, where we have been holed up working for the past two weeks. We want to plant almost 4 hectares of desert land, which we have prepared over the past few months. The seedlings must be planted urgently into the sand in order to survive. We will report back to you on Thursday with photos and videos.

Here we will plant

The Corona crisis has again reminded us of the vital importance of Israel’s agriculture and to maintain the ability to feed herself independent of imports from other countries.

We would like to again thank all of those who have helped in that mission by participating in our “Make the Desert Bloom Again” project. Toda Raba!

As an independent news agency and investor in making the desert green, we can do a lot more if you become an active member. For this reason, we are offering a special package at this time.

Stay active! You can read and share Israel Today as you participate in planting the Land of Israel. As the Jewish saying goes, “If there is no flour for bread, then there is no Torah.” Work and faith go hand-in-hand. It is our adherence to this ethos that will determine what kind of nation we become.

Just arrived – the new olive trees are waiting to be planted

Would you like to help make the desert bloom while becoming better informed about what’s going on in the Holy Land?

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