Members Can Now Comment on Articles!

Together we can protect this unique opportunity to discuss the issues that matter to us

By David Lazarus |

We heard you, and our Members can now add comments to any article.

You told us you enjoy responding to reports and news about Israel. You said you like to ask questions and have discussions on politics, faith, and current events in the Jewish Nation. We love that you do, so we reopened the comment platform for Israel Today Members just for you, to share your thoughts and views on the topics you care about.

We noticed that some of our readers were abusing the comments section to attack persons rather than discussing the issues. It seems that recent political tensions in the US have drawn an inordinate amount of personal attacks. There is no place for this on Israel Today. Our comment section is for you to address the issues, share your opinion or disagree, and let others know what you think. It is not to attack people and we won’t stand for it!

Just remember that our guidelines clearly state:

  • No denigration, defamation or insulting of other users
  • No threats of any kind whatsoever against others, either physical or legal, will be tolerated
  • No antisemitic comments

I believe that together we can protect this unique opportunity to discuss the issues that matter to us with people around the world with stimulating, uplifting and informative talks as we learn from one another.

Israel Today wants you, our readers, to feel free to share your opinions without fear of being attacked personally. Those who want to spread hateful attacks should look elsewhere. We will not allow it here.

Keep in mind that the Disqus platform does not allow links or media, so comments with external links are automatically rejected by the server before reaching us.

Take a moment a read all our guidelines for comments.

Let’s take ownership of this opportunity and add comments, views and opinions on the articles and reports that interest us and keep it safe for all of us.

Looking forward to hearing from you. You never know who might be listening!

David Lazarus


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