MembersThe Delusion of Palestine and the Reality of Israel

After conquering and colonizing this land, who are we Arabs to deny the return of the Jewish people?

By Rami Dabbas | | Topics: palestinians
Palestine is a myth, Israel is real.
Photo: Issam Rimawi/Flash90

I like to deal in truth and reality. Here are some truths and realities: Israel has never been called “Palestine,” at least not as a national political entity; Up until 1,420 years ago, there was no significant Arab population in this land; and the more ancient history of this land is demonstrably Jewish, Aramaic and Syriac.

One need only consider the many “Palestinian” towns and villages that still carry Aramaic, Hebrew and Syrian names.

Another truth is that Islam occupied the Levant by force, and wherever it could changed place names and imposed its own religion and culture in an effort to erase this region’s true Judeo-Christian heritage. It is Islam, not Israel and the Jews, that is truly foreign to this land.

They call Israel and the Jews occupiers and colonizers. But that is precisely what the Muslim Arabs are. It is they who conquered, occupied and colonized this land, and over the course of 1,400 years gradually transformed it into Arab Islamic lands. But the evidence remains – this land’s true owners are the Jews, and they have...

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