MembersUnderstanding Syria Through the Eurasian Movement

Why is Syria ruled by a minority? How did Christians fare before the war? Why align with Iran and Hamas?

By Rami Dabbas | | Topics: Syria
Photo: Rami Dabbas

It was back in 2012 that I first corresponded via Facebook with the Eurasian Movement, which is based in Moscow and headed by Alexander Dugin, and offered to create a local branch in Jordan. In a nutshell, the Eurasian Movement represents the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the time I had only recently abandoned Islam for Christianity, with a stopover in atheism.

I was quickly appointed as a representative of this movement in Jordan, and decided to turn to the Jordanian Communist Party, where I found comrades who shared similar positions and goals. I established a youth movement under the Eurasian umbrella and got to know many Syrian refugees in Amman who were loyal to Bashar al-Assad, including Druze and Orthodox Christians.

By and large, the Syrians were dedicated to the unity of Syria, regardless of who was in power. They just wanted to keep the country from collapsing. We organized events outside the Syrian Embassy in Amman and carried many flags, including those of Syria, Russia, and the...

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