What are Middle East Arabs Saying about Peace with Israel? Miriam Alster/Flash90
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What are Middle East Arabs Saying about Peace with Israel?

Exclusive report from Israel Today’s Middle East correspondent in Jordan.


We’ve heard the politicians, but what do the people on the streets in the Arab world think about peace with Israel? Our Middle East correspondent in Jordan Rami Dabbas asked activists and influencers: “What do you think about Arabs making peace with Israel?”

Here’s what they said.


Abdullah Sawalha, founder of the Center for Israel Studies in Amman, Jordan: “I support the establishment of Arab-Israeli peace initiatives. It is important to re-elect US President Donald Trump for a second term in order to continue peace initiatives between the Arab countries and Israel and to counter Iran’s activities and terrorism in Middle East.”

Saud Al-Sharafat, former director of Jordan’s intelligence agency and founder of the Center for Globalization and Terrorism Research: “These normalization agreements are an opportunity for the Palestinians to return to negotiations with Israel, especially with the suspension and postponement of annexation.”