Middle East Christians pray for a better future Illustration - Tomer Neuberg/Flash90
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Why are Mideast Christians Still Being Persecuted, and Does Anyone Care?

Sudan and Turkey are making headlines recently. But are the Christians under their influence and rule faring any better?


Christians in the Middle East continue to be largely overlooked as major events and shifting alignments in the region make headlines. Two countries in the news of late are Sudan, which normalized relations with Israel and made other major concessions to get off the US State Department’s list of terror sponsors, and Turkey, which remains embroiled in many of the region’s armed conflicts and is butting heads with the Biden Administration. Our Middle East correspondent Rami Dabbas helps us to understand how Christians are faring in these countries today.


Hope for a better future in Sudan

After being oppressed for decades under dictator Omar al-Bashir, Christians in Sudan now hold out hope that the political changes in their country will mark the beginning of a new era of freedom of religion.

In recent years, Christians in Sudan have suffered various forms of repression and persecution. The primarily tool used to keep Christians down and even push them out of the country was to refuse permits to build churches.

In addition, the...


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