Your Olive Grove is Growing and Thriving

Reclaiming the Israeli desert together

By Israel Today Staff |

Thank you!

The trees you helped us to plant in April 2020 are already bearing olives!

Here are a few photos of our Olive Grove No. 5 in the Israeli Negev Desert that we recently took for you to see. These young trees were planted in the Spring of 2020, but they have already grown a lot!

It’s amazing, almost incomprehensible for many Israelis when they hear that Christians from the nations who are Israel Today members, care enough about this land to purchase olive trees to help restore it and make the Israeli desert fruitful.

The olive tree is a symbol of peace (Genesis 8:11), a symbol of Israel and a symbol of the family of faith (Romans 11). It is a tough, drought-resistant, pest-resistant, long-lasting tree which yields one of the healthiest oils in the world – olive oil.

As soon as the 3rd lockdown that we are currently in is over, we will head back into the desert and start mapping the 2,600 trees that were planted in their buyers’ names!

Plant olive trees in your name in Israel’s desert. When you buy and plant three olive trees you get a can (1 liter) of our unique olive oil KANAAN Tomer FREE!

Click here to buy and plant olive trees



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