“Belly Harp”


a 12 string handmade and unique harp

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A very special and unique harp for those who love gentle, heartwarming sounds that touch your soul and senses, let you relax and activate inner healing.

It is a 12-string harp made from the finest poplar and birch wood with love, from the Galilean city of Rosh Pina.

Size: 40 x 24 cm

The color of the wood can vary!

The harp is delivered complete with a tuning key and an explanation of the tone setting.

The harp (Newel in Hebrew) was performed over 40 times in the Bible and was the first instrument to be mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures. This musical instrument was played by ordinary people as well as kings and was an essential part of their worship, celebrations and daily life.

This harp is of a winged construction that the strings speak right under the fingers of the player, even without previous knowledge of playing the harp.

“The strings sing under your fingers”

These harps are an excellent, decorative and expressive gift idea.

Give your loved one or yourself a unique, heavenly unique piece from the Holy Land!

Please note that the stand for Belly harp is not included!
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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 40 cm