Bracelet with Hebrew Bible Verse


Choose between 3 different Hebrew Bible verses!


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Choose between 3 different Hebrew Bible verses:

  • “Let there be light”
    “And God said, Let there be light. And there was light.” Genesis 1:3
  • “Love your neighbour as yourself”
    “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, for I am the LORD.” Lev. 19:18
  • “The Lord bless you and keep you”
    “The Lord bless thee and keep thee.” Num. 6.24

Choose a bracelet:

  • Gold plated with gold-filled chain
  • Silver plated with silver chain
  • Silver plated with black band

About the designer:
Dafna Shemesh David, 40, is married and mother of two children. After her former job became very stressful and someone pointed out to her the lovely jewellery she wears, Dafna decided to take a completely new path.

The rest is history and after many experiments, trials, willpower and passion Dafna is has been selling her unique designs for more than 10 years. Together with her husband and sister they set up a new shop in town and she says that, “there is no greater joy than making other women happy with our jewellery.” We are thrilled about her new Bible inspired designs.


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Bible verses

"Let there be light", "The Lord bless you and keep you", "Love your neighbor as yourself"

Bracelet Type

gold-plated with gold-filled chain, silver plated with silver chain, silver plated with black band