Daily Prayer Book – Siddur


A pocket-sized Jewish prayer book for everyday use.

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The Siddur is a daily prayer book which contains a set order of daily prayers and blessings that Jews worldwide recite on week days and Shabbat. Observant Jews daven (pray) in formal worship services three times a day, every day: in the morning (Shacharit), in the afternoon (Minchah) and, in the evening (Ma’ariv). Daily prayers are collected in a book called a siddur, which derives from the Hebrew root meaning “order,” because the siddur shows the order of prayers. It is the same root as the word seder, which refers to the Passover home service.

The text of this Daily Prayer Book (Siddur) is in both Hebrew and English.

Size: 3.50”x 5″ | 9×12 cm

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