Gourmet Dead Sea Salt Set of 5 different flavors


A world of flavors – Every meal is a new adventure

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Season your dishes with exquisite natural sea salt from the Dead Sea. Treat yourself and your loved ones to this gourmet experience from Israel! Enjoy the intense and full-bodied aroma of sea salt – obtained by hand from the lowest point on earth!

The set offers you 5 different flavors each with its own aroma:

1. Dead Sea salt with organic dill

An exciting encounter between the deep taste of natural Dead Sea salt and the “lovely hot” taste of the dill plant.

Ingredients: natural salt from the Dead Sea, organic dill

2. Dead Sea salt with sun-dried tomatoes and mint

A unique combination of gourmet Dead Sea salt with sun-dried tomatoes and mint. A unique product for connoisseurs and gourmet chefs – with a fine, high-quality taste. The mint scent enriches the culinary experience.

Ingredients: Natural Dead Sea salt, dried tomatoes, mint

3. Dead Sea salt with black pepper

This classic combination of white salt with natural black pepper will enhance any of your dishes!

4. Truffle Salt

The most prestigious sea salt with the addition of truffles. The dominant flavor is especially used to enhance dishes containing mushrooms, giving a luxurious and unique taste.

5. Dead Sea Diamond Salt

The purest natural salt from the Dead Sea, coarse-grained and pure white – an absolute must in every gourmet kitchen!

The gourmet Dead Sea salt is produced by a natural process. It is rich in 21 natural minerals, without artificial chemicals and additives, packaged for use without distillation and heating, with a deep and characteristic taste.

Natural Dead Sea salt in combination with unique flavors, offers an extraordinary gourmet experience and turns every meal into a new adventure.

All salts include built-in salt grinder. 100 g containers.

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