Hanukkah Dreidel (Spinning Top)


Exquisite Dreidel from an old Israeli 1 Lira coin

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This well-balanced spinning top (in Hebrew “Sevivon”) was created with the finest handwork and shows the temple menorah lampstand with seven lamps and two olive branches.

The other side shows the value of the coin – 1 lira from the 1960s.

Every coin tells a story …

The menorah (מנורה) is the seven-branched lampstand that has been used as a symbol of Israel since ancient times. The national symbol of the State of Israel includes a menorah framed by two olive branches.

The image of the menorah that appears on the coin was adopted as the symbol of Israel by the Provisional Council of State on Shevat 11, 5709 (February 10, 1949). The book of Exodus in the Bible contains a description of the design of the menorah to be placed in the temple. The menorah was one of the oldest Jewish symbols to appear on coins and on the walls and floors of synagogues. After the 2nd Temple was destroyed by the Romans, its menorah was transported to Rome. A stone relief in the Arch of Titus in Rome shows the parade that led the menorah through the streets of Rome.

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