IDF – Israel Air Force T-Shirt


The symbol of the strongest air force in the Middle East.



With both female and male pilots in the Israeli Air Force, this attractive very dark navy blue shirt looks great on guys and gals alike.

The Israeli Air Force is considered the strongest air force in the Middle East, and one of the best and most sophisticated in the world. Perhaps the greatest strength of the IAF is the skill of its pilots. Israeli combat pilots are considered among the best in the world, and hold a large number of shoot-down records.

It is rumored that American pilots receive training from their Israeli counterparts as part of their training curriculum. The IAF relies on its Air Intelligence Directorate for intelligence, including analysis of aerial photography. Many of the IAF’s electronics and weapons systems are developed and built in Israel by Israeli Military Industries, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Elbit and others.

The IAF holds world records respective to the amounts of enemy warplanes shoot-downs, air combat performance, special operations, and air to ground operations from the jet era onward.

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