Ima-Mother Jewelry Set


Beautiful, lovingly handcrafted jewelry set


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The Ima-Mother Jewelry Set: Gorgeous earrings with the letter א Alef.

in Biblical Hebrew calligraphy and a necklace with the letter מ Mem.

Together the letters spell the word אמא Mother.

Designed and handcrafted by artist and mother of 6, Shira Haivri.

A very precious and unique gift!

What makes pieces of gold and silver jewelry attractive, apart from their uniqueness, beauty and inheritability?

They are also a stable investment in uncertain times.

Classic designs made of precious metals, bespeak genuine jewelry; and in contrast with fashion jewelry, they do not depend on temporary fads and trends. If you ever want to sell gold jewelry, you will inevitably find a buyer.

Real jewelry is always an excellent gift idea for family, relatives or friends. Because of its durability, gold jewelry can serve as a sustainable investment for generations.

Prices include shipping and insurance!

Please note that each piece of jewelry is unique and individually made by the artist Shira Haivri.

The production of this jewelry set will take about 4 weeks.

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14 carat gold, Silver