Kanaan Olive Oil “Tomer”



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Our high-quality olive oil “Tomer” from Kanaan was produced from handpicked olives in the South of Israel. The production of this fine, mild olive oil revives a tradition dating back thousands of years in the Holy Land. Meticulous processing and gentle cold pressing make this oil a taste sensation.

Wind, sun and sandy soil in Israel’s south bring about an olive aroma of unique taste. Excavations of antique olive presses in the desert point to a glorious past of the olive oil’s exceptional characteristics we are reviving in our days.

We planted new seedlings in our own olive grove in Nitzana in 2018, and with God’s help, they will bear their first fruits in the Fall of 2021. But now you can already enjoy this year’s “Tomer” olives from the same desert area and taste the distinctive flavor.

Israel has always been a “Land of Olive Trees” (2nd Kings 18) and oil presses as countless archeological findings prove. Not many know that Jerusalem’s Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives or “Gat Shmanim” in Hebrew means “oil press.” Even back then, olive oil was not only used in foods and for cooking but also as wound care, anointing oil and for skin and hair beauty products.

Discover a long-forgotten tradition and enjoy “Tomer” Olive Oil exclusively from Israel!

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