King David’s Door Harp


The design of this door harp is based on the Biblical “Kinnor David”

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King David’s Door Harp

this 4 string door harp was created with the inspiration of the biblical “Kinor David” (Harp of David).

The authentic shape is based on an ancient Israeli coin.

The King David door harp consists of laminated, stained and finely worked poplar wood. Each piece is uniquely handmade!

The door harp can be attached to the inside of the front door. When the door opens or shuts, the balls hit the strings and create a delicate, harmonious and
lovely sound.

This harp is a practical, tangible inspiration connecting you with the praises of God in the Psalms of King David.

“Listed over forty times in the Bible and the first instrument mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures, the harp was one of the foundation stones for the musical culture of the Hebrew clans. The harp (hebr. Newel) was played by common people and kings and was an integral part of their worship, celebrations and daily life. Much like its modern day ancestor,  the kinor was the instrument of the people and the instrument of their times.

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