Make Jerusalem Green


Artists and craftsmen are “greening” Jerusalem’s roofs

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Muslala is a community of artists and craftsmen who live in Jerusalem and who together make the roofs of Jerusalem green.

The organization Muslala organizes art exhibitions, guided tours and art workshops such as woodworking courses, roof greening courses and beekeeping courses.

Musala strives to increase the quality of life for residents through roof greening.

Most activities take place outdoors, i.e. in public spaces, and have far-reaching effects that extend beyond East and West Jerusalem.

By supporting this project you will help people in Jerusalem who have now lost jobs due to Corona to have a new, meaningful and fulfilling task. The greening of the roofs made possible by your donation gives the residents of the city a higher quality of life.

In appreciation for your donation you will receive a “seed ball,” containing soil and seeds of Israeli flowers and plants. [Your seed ball must be stored in a dry place until you want the seeds to grow.]

As long as it is dry, the dry clay ball protects the seeds from birds and rodents. When you choose, place the seed ball in contact with soil and water it. The ball soaks up with water and swells. The seeds germinate and push through the walls of the sphere.