Moraz Polygonum Foot Cream & Hand Cream for Dry Hands


This rich foot cream treats dry, split, sensitive soles of the feet and refreshes tired feet. 100 ml

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Moraz Polygonum Foot Cream

The fast-absorbed cream used by Israeli soldiers! Clinically tested and approved by the Israel Diabetes Association (IDA).

The Jewish Talmud calls Polygonum a therapeutic plant. And in Deut. 20:19 it says, “…for the tree of the field is man’s life…” Man was created with a direct connection to nature and its forces.

Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs is an Israeli company that specialises in the development and production of paramedical skin treatments and cosmetics that are based on medical herb extracts, in particular products based on a Polygonum species that is found only in Galilee.

All their products are free from animal ingredients and no testing is performed on animals.

MORAZ Polygonum Hand Cream for Dry Hands

Alleviates dry skin and heals cracks. Keeps skin supple and prevents itching.

Can be used to counter eczema and fungal skin infections on all parts of the body.

Moraz Medical Herbs specializes in the production of various herbal ointments, from the Polygonum plant that is found only in Galilee.

Moraz is committed as a “green company” on Fair Trade, all packaging is environment friendly. All products are free from animal ingredients, and are not tested on animals.

100ml (3.4 fl oz.)

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