OLEA ESSENCE Moisturizing Body Wash


A moisturizing body wash with a unique combination of antioxidant activity of amurca (olive water).


Combined with natural gentle moisturizing minerals from the Dead Sea, the formula leaves the skin feeling smooth, fresh and soft after cleansing and rinsing eliminating typical dryness after showering.

Contents: 400 ml

The unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from Olea Essence is a rich natural source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In combination with other natural essential oils and plant extracts create a unique blend which activates and maximizes the anti-aging properties of your skin. Natural, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil balances the secretion of oil glands. Together with added vegetable oils enhances the regenerating and repairing effect of your skin and also contributes to a supple and smooth skin.
· 100% natural, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil
· 100% preservative free
· 100% emulsifier free
· 100% natural fragrances

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