Passover Haggada


Celebrate the Seder in traditional style with this beautiful Hebrew – English Passover Haggadah.

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During the Spring Passover festival, the Exodus from Egypt is commemorated as if each one had personally experienced it for himself. During the Passover meal (seder), the Haggadah combines the biblical text from the book of Exodus along with prayers, songs, and wisdom from the Rabbis that give order to the first evening of Passover.

The focus of Passover is to retell the story of the children of Israel being brought out of Egypt by the powerful hand of God with signs and wonders as recorded in Exodus 1-15.

The Haggadah (literally “telling of the story”) is traditionally read by the head of the family, supplemented with explanations and the whole family, especially the children, are actively involved. Asking for explanations and questions are encouraged in order to maintain involvement of all the participants during the ceremony.

This beautiful Haggadah with the traditional Hebrew text, with a parallel English translation including colorful illustrations, will bring the Exodus from Egypt alive.

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