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That’s right, you too can make the desert of Israel blossom again.

We planted our first vines in 2007 in the same soil the Children of Israel camped during their wilderness wanderings. Joshua and Caleb came back with gigantic bunches of grapes, but no one believed it was possible. Yet today our vineyards and wine presses are flourishing with the investment of readers like you and producing great wines (probably just as well that the children of Israel didn’t think about making wine!).

We decided to trust God and believe that the desert could blossom as the prophets foretold. So with our Zionist pioneering spirit we planted the vineyard in the Negev desert not far from the biblical camp site of Kadesh Barnea.  Our vineyards have survived not only the dry heat and desert winds, but also huge swarms of locusts from Egypt in 2013 just like the plagues! But God has protected our grape vines and the difficult conditions have produced a stronger and sweeter grape which Oren Shalom, our farmer and vinedresser, cares for with love.

You too can plant a vine in Eretz Israel.