Polygonum Dry Lip Ointment – 3 Pack


Moraz Natural lip ointment. Ideal for treating dry, cracked, or chapped lips.
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Polygonum is an annual wild plant, with smooth elongated dark green leaves, that grows throughout Israel during the summer. It gets its Latin name, Polygonum aviculare, or in Hebrew, “arkovit ha’tsiporim” (“bird’s polygonum”) because of its seeds, much loved by birds.

The unique climate and soils of Israel makes this region ideal for the plant, which grows here at its best – with optimal biochemical properties.

The roots of the polygonum plant have been found to contain effective antiviral and antibacterial agents, effective against ulcers and for stopping hemorrhages, maintaining a good complexion and balancing and building tissues.

Proven natural solution for Herpes simplex.
During severe colds can be applied to the nose and around the nostrils for the treatment of dryness and relief of redness.

Size: 10ml (0.34 fl.oz)

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