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After the destruction of the Temple in the First Century AD, the Samaritans interpreted halacha more strictly than the Jews, as forbidding the lighting of a seven-branched menorah candelabra, and even forbade its display.

This led to the widespread use of menorahs with three, five, nine and even fifteen branches.

Artistic plant motifs reminiscent of the menorah can be seen on many of the lamps. (About seven hundred Samaritans still live in the Holy Land today.

See Israel Today article about Samaritans). Antique terracotta lamp, Byzantine period, Samaritan type.

Egg-shaped clay lamp with a large filling hole, handle and a single nozzle/wick hole. Geometric decoration in the “herring bone” style.

Date: ca. 5th-6th c. AD

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