Project “ZAKA – Food baskets for disaster victims”


ZAKA is a volunteer organization that looks after the victims and survivors of disasters.

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ZAKA – (Zihui Korbanot Ason) Disaster Victim Identification

Since the Jewish duty to bury a deceased person as a whole and in dignity is very important to us, we have decided to support this organization.

The vision of ZAKA Israel is:

  • In the case of unnatural death, to accompany the deceased in dignity and integrity on his last journey, regardless of religion, gender or race.
  • To provide free burial, grave care and administration for all deceased that lack funds.
  • To bring a smile to the faces of children and their families who have been injured in terrorist attacks and car accidents.

ZAKA Israel is a non-profit organization with the following goals:

  • Support of victims of terrorism and victims of hostilities and their families (including psychologists).
  • Organizing summer camps for the victims of terror and assisting them in the fulfillment of their personal wishes.
  • Rehabilitation of children injured in traffic accidents.

The approximately 1,500 ZAKA volunteers take care of the most painful, difficult and distressing task in Israeli society. They recover the remains of people killed in accidents, terrorist attacks and other unnatural causes 24/7.

ZAKA’s volunteers are available both in the heat and in freezing cold. They seek and collect every piece of human tissue, every drop of blood, all that is left of what was once a human after a disaster.

Food basket for Rosh Hashannah 2019:
One of the reasons for the suffering of these families is the financial distress that has arisen after the family’s chief earner has died. Before the holidays, many ZAKA volunteers will be busy distributing food to families of victims of terrorist attacks and families of victims of traffic accidents. ZAKA would like them to celebrate Rosh Hashannah with a smile on their faces and the hope of a better future.