A Christian in the IDF? What’s That Like?

What’s is like to be a believer in Jesus in the Israeli army? A young Messianic Jewish soldier explains

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A growing number of Jewish and Arab believers in Jesus are serving in the Israeli army, and many are curious what it’s like for these young men and women to be in such a position.

Our favorite Messianic YouTuber Hananya Naftali explains in the video above.

Naftali repeatedly uses the word “Christian” for what most of our readers might consider a “Messianic Jew,” but the fact is that the words are interchangeable linguistically, especially to a Hebrew-speaking audience.

One solid point made by Naftali is that in Israel it is often best to be a witness first in deed, and only then in word. Most Jews have already been told about Jesus, but very few have actually seen his love demonstrated in the actions of the Church.

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