Anat Schneider
07 Aug, 2020

When the Leader Speaks From the Heart

A heart that learns through dire straits to be full of faith

This is the Torah portion that opens the last book in the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy. The...

Arthur Schwartzman
07 Aug, 2020

Water Hoses and Revolution: What’s Happening in Israel

Pressure on the Netanyahu government is great; people want to be safe from COVID-19, but also earn a living

Demonstrations continue to take place in a number of cities across the country - in...

Anat Schneider
05 Aug, 2020

The Jewish Day of Love

And it’s connection to a sobering reality check from Israel’s history

Today is the Tu B’Av holiday of love, according to the Hebrew calendar. It is...

David Lazarus
03 Aug, 2020

Why Can’t the Jews See That Jesus is the Messiah?

As a Messianic Jewish pastor in Israel, I get this question all the time.

“Why can’t Jews see that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah? It’s so clear from...

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David Lazarus
03 Aug, 2020

Beyond the Veil

How a young Jewish believer in Jesus found her unique, and uneasy place in the Jewish state

Marina came to our Messianic Jewish Home Group crying. Her Ulpan (Hebrew language) teacher had...

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Avner Boskey
03 Aug, 2020

What the Bible Says to Us in Times of Corona

All have fallen short of His glory, but there is a way out of this

People respond to this pandemic in very human ways. Usually, people acknowledge the verifiable events....

Charles Gardner
02 Aug, 2020

A Safe Refuge

Sheltered under the wings of the Almighty

More than seven months after being severely trounced at the polls, the UK Labour Party...

Tsvi Sadan
31 Jul, 2020

Seth Rogen: A Jew in Your Face

It wasn’t his smearing of Israel that caught my attention, but rather his refusal to back down as a Jew

Popular fouled-mouthed Jewish talk show host Marc Maron used Hollywood actor Seth Rogen's new "very...

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Ryan Jones
30 Jul, 2020

Destroying Israel, It’s Just Foreign Policy

Hostility toward Israel is a subconscious act of rebellion against God

Israel and the Jewish people, despite their desire to just “fit in,” are unique in...

Charles Gardner
29 Jul, 2020

Messiah Revealed!

Jewish woman finds herself in conversation with God

When Lynne Bradley cried out to God for help at a very difficult time of...

Dov Eilon
28 Jul, 2020

Corona? So what?

Even with 2,000 new infections per day, Israelis are trying their best to return to life as normal

A week ago we were still worried whether our eldest son from Tel Aviv could...