Anat Schneider
05 Jul, 2020

Michal, Daughter of Saul

A fairy tale beginning leads to a sobering conclusion

The story opens like a classic fairy tale: Teen shepherd boy defeats giant and wins...

Tsvi Sadan
03 Jul, 2020

Democracy is Not What You Think It Is

Without a coup of some sort, those opposing Netanyahu will never rise to power

Titles are important, even when they are completely irrelevant, as in the case of the...

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Shmuel Trigano
30 Jun, 2020

Human Rights Vs. Jewish Rights

We are experiencing once again the international community’s stripping of the human from the Jew

Three events occurred lately that hold a significant lesson concerning the status of Jews. The...

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Schneider Aviel
Aviel Schneider
28 Jun, 2020

Going Abroad to Jaffa

The corona crisis enables us to rediscover the Land of Israel.

As it looks at the moment, we will spend the summer in Israel. The borders...

Charles Gardner
26 Jun, 2020

Apocalyptic Scenario

Are we heading for the Bible’s great end-time conflict?

We appear to be approaching yet more choppy waters in Israel’s turbulent history. The Jewish...

David Lazarus
25 Jun, 2020

Beyond the Veil

How a young Jewish believer in Jesus found her unique, and uneasy place in the Jewish state

Marina came to our Messianic Jewish Home Group crying. Her Ulpan (Hebrew language) teacher had...

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Dov Eilon
25 Jun, 2020

Empty Trains and Beaches

It’s going to take a while still before life returns to normal in Israel

Israel is opening back up following months of lockdown, but Israelis seem reluctant to venture...

Charles Gardner
22 Jun, 2020

An Idolatrous Generation

Reaping the judgment of worshipping false gods

As we teeter on the brink of anarchy, a half-hidden headline (tucked away on page...

Arthur Schwartzman
21 Jun, 2020

First Lady Problems

Sara Netanyahu could bring positive change, if only she could stay out of trouble

Never codified or officially defined, the role of First Lady in Israel involves political campaigns,...

Anat Schneider
21 Jun, 2020

Begin to See the Cup Half Full

Only those whose hearts are open and immune to fear can enter the Promised Land.

“And they gave a bad report concerning the land.” (Numbers 13:32) Moses sends 12 spies...

Anat Schneider
18 Jun, 2020

Setting Up the Source of Light in Dark Circumstances

A person with no inner response to God’s light and provision becomes a “dry soul.”

Things felt dark and bleak. “Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing...