Christian EMTs Saving Israeli Jewish Lives

Don’t believe the hype. Israel’s not an apartheid state, and the Arab Christians living here don’t hate Jews

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Don't believe the hype. Israel's not an apartheid state, nor do most average Christians Arabs hate the Jewish state.

Evidence of this is widespread for those willing to open their eyes.

Another example was provided this week when the Israeli first response organization United Hatzalah highlighted the work of its Christian Arab medical volunteers.

"In 2017, just five of our Christian volunteers responded to nearly 1,000 emergency calls around Israel," United Hatzalah Spokesperson Raphael Poch told Breaking Israel News.

Most of those emergency calls would have been to help Israeli Jews. And the Christian volunteers, like Sroor Abood, didn't hesitate.

"The organization believes in saving lives, which Christianity also believes in," Abood said.

And no mention of racism or persecution because he's an Arab and a Christian. Neither in United Hatzalah, nor at Haifa's Rambam Medical Clinic, where Abood works as a doctor of emergency medicine.

Is there racism in Israel? Sure. That's inevitable in any multi-cultural society. But to claim that it's a matter of policy and that Israel is an apartheid state is disingenuous in the extreme.

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