MembersCould a Hasidic Teenager Be Christianity’s Needed Prophet?

Listen and decide for yourselves to the words of a 17-year-old Hasidic Jew who just might have the key to bring revival to Christianity and Messianic Judaism.

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Steinsaltz Center

Hasidism, a spiritual revival movement was shrinking in the 1950’s. Like many religious movements, Hasidic Judaism had become isolated, insulated, and irrelevant to the modern world. Stuck in outdated traditions, combined with an unwillingness for self-reflection or outside criticism, the movement was out-of-touch and unable to reach modern man.

Along comes Adin Even Israel, born in Jerusalem in 1937, grandson to a highly acclaimed Hasidic Rabbi and disciple of the Lubavitch Rebbe and tells his community…

“When people who are not Hasidic, even secular atheists, meet Hasidism – in literature or in life – they will identity with it, but not in its current form. Similarly, Hasidic Jews who meet with the realities of life will recognize the need for a Hasidic renewal.”

With these words, this red-headed teenager inspired the revival of an ancient, dying faith and turned it into today’s fastest growing, worldwide stream of Judaism.


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