Egyptian Scholar Scolds Israeli Arab Students for Hostility Toward Jewish State

Millions of young people in the Arab world envy you… you should thank God you live in Israel…

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Last week, an Egyptian academic and expert was invited to speak at Tel Aviv University on Israel-Egypt relations and current political situations in the Middle East.

As has happened in other similar cases, some of the Arab students attending the university verbally assaulted the visitor, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, for "betraying" his own and the Palestinian people by "normalizing" with Israel.

Ibraham was relentlessly taunted by the Arab students to the point that he could hardly get a word in, as seen in the first short portion of the above video.

Fellow Egyptian academic Rami Aziz, a leading researcher and political analyst, decided to respond to those students with the above video message.

What's notable is that Aziz not only defends Ibrahim and his visit to Tel Aviv University, but goes on to praise the Jewish state itself as a safe haven for all, both Jews and Arabs.

First, Aziz turns the table by taunting the raucous Arab students, asking, "Why do you study there? Aren't you traitors, too? Why not go study in the Gaza Strip, or the West Bank, or any other Arab country?"

Of course, the answer is as clear to Aziz as it is to those very students: "Tel Aviv University [is] the number one university in the Middle East."

For Aziz and many like him, the double standards and hypocrisy of the more hostile among Israeli Arabs and Palestinians is becoming tiring.

"Stop accusing people of treason and lacking in patriotism" for "normalizing" with Israel, he said. "This era has ended. Such slogans have no place in our day."

But most poignant was the end, when Aziz called those jeering students "liars and hypocrites…who live in Israel, enjoying its nationality and the benefits that is offers, while at the same time holding hostility toward it."

Aziz sought to remind those Israeli Arab students that "millions of young Arabs in your neighboring countries" would gladly switch places with them. "Thank God that you enjoy what you have in the State of Israel," he concluded.


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