How Can Anyone Support ‘Evil’ Israel?

Anti-Israel bloggers and social media activists continue to use false evidence to convince readers that Israel is evil

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Israel is the Middle East’s only full democracy. Israel shares cornerstone values with most of the West. But how can one possibly support Israel with all that negative press floating about?

Of course, the question is whether or not those reports can be trusted.

Earlier this week, we reported on how a number of mainstream media outlets had jumped the gun on reporting allegations that Israel had purposely flooded the Gaza Strip. Simple fact checks later revealed that Israel has no major dams capable of flooding Gaza. Some of the guilty media outlets offered retractions and apologies, but the damage had already been done.

As bad as mainstream media bias can sometimes be, anti-Israel bloggers and social media activists frequently take this nonsense to a whole other level.

These are the voices that are keen to portray Israel as an oppressive, racist and apartheid state. But apparently there is a dearth of evidence supporting such a conclusion, forcing these same voices to turn to “evidence” such as the following image, which purportedly shows two Israeli police officers brutally detaining a Palestinian Arab woman.

False Evidence

As Israeli blogger Aussie Dave pointed out in a quick analysis of the photo, these are not authentic Israeli police uniforms, and in fact resemble cheap Purim costumes. It would seem it takes very little to convince those who are predisposed to think the worst of Israel.

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