Members‘I Am Not Going To Be Enslaved By Anyone!’


By Ludwig Schneider |
A pigeon flying against the backdrop of the Western Wall Photo: Jack Bentley/ Flash90

So declares the universal employee. If it were up to the trade unions, nobody would let themselves be enslaved. Yet one aspect of true freedom is to be released from sin which can lead us astray and enslave us. It is only God who can truly and permanently set us free.


However, the joy we have through this freedom should not blind us because free men also have responsibilities. The apostles often began their letters with the phrase that they are “servants of Jesus Christ,” which at that time meant that they were “slaves.” A slave was a serf or bond servant who totally belonged to his master and had no free will of his own.


Christians like to sing about their “freedom in Christ.” But sometimes this rejoicing in freedom emanates from a false interpretation that we are now permitted to do anything we want to as members of the New Covenant. “After all, we have been redeemed...

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