Iran Cartoons: Israel is Behind ISIS

Iranian cartoon contest draws submissions suggesting Israel is the puppeteer behind ISIS and its atrocities

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Iran recently hosted a competition in which participants were tasked with drawing political cartoons with a negative view of ISIS and other Sunni terror groups. One of the entries was interesting in that it depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wielding a blood-stained sword while riding atop a monster called ISIS (see picture below).

Many in Iran would like to believe that their two arch-enemies – the Sunnis and Israel – are in league in assaulting Shia Islam. It is widely suggested that Israel is prompting the current Sunni holy war.

Iran’s IRNA news agency reported that the cartoon competition focusing on the “crimes of the jihadists of the Islamic State” had attracted more than 800 submissions from around the world. “Several famous cartoonists participated, but for security reasons had to submit their work under pseudonyms,” said organizer Mohammed Habibi.

Another entry hinting at Israeli involvement showed a puppet in the form of a green monster being manipulated by Israel and the United States. While the Jewish state has nothing to do with the turmoil currently engulfing the Islamic world, she is nevertheless repeatedly dragged into the spiritual and geopolitical chaos between Shiites and Sunnis.

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