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Is Jordan a House Divided? And What’s That Mean for Israel?

A translation of the fateful conversation between Jordan’s military chief and the kingdom’s former crown prince


Jordanian social media is humming with a “fierce” conversation that occurred a few days ago. The transcript of the conversation between Jordan’s military chief and Prince Hamzah, brother of King Abdullah II, has been made public, and we have translated it for you below. It underlines concerns over stability in the kingdom.

In the past, Prince Hamzah was next in line to become king, but lost that status. The latest tensions come against the background of an escalating economic and health crisis in the country.

Israel’s longest and most quiet border is shared with Jordan, and many consider the Hashemite kingdom to be Israel’s best neighbor and a strategic partner for Mideast stability. Therefore, Jordanian peace and stability affect both Jordanians and Israelis.

The loaded interaction occurred on the evening of April 3, 2021 between the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Yousef Huneiti and Prince Hamzah Bin Hussein, younger brother of the king:

Major-General Huneiti: You and I know you crossed a red line. People started talking much more...


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