‘Israel Instructing US Police to Murder Blacks’

Black Lives Matter and pro-Palestinians groups team up to blame Israel for all their problems

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Israel is responsible for the killings of African-Americans by the US police, according to pro-Palestinian groups.

Palestinian activists are spreading the dangerous libel against the Jewish state claiming that the “genocide” of Black Americans is a direct result Israeli “inhuman treatment and genocide of Palestinians.”

Here are the facts. Confronted with increased terrorism in the US, the American government has been inviting Israelis to train their police forces in anti-terror tactics. Israel is known for maintaining the highest level of anti-terror security and uncovering and foiling planned terror attacks. The US is just one in among a growing number of countries around the world inviting the Israelis to train their anti-terror units.

Palestinians are claiming, however, that the Israelis do more than train anti-terror units. According to numerous articles being published by pro-Palestinian groups, the Israelis are also instructing US police forces “to use the same murderous and racist tactics used by Israelis against Palestinians.” US cops, say the pro-Palestinian groups, are murdering Blacks because that’s what Israel is teaching them.

One group called the NYU Students for Justice in Palestine posted a condemnation of the number of black people killed by the police in the US, and called for Palestinians to support African-Americans protesting against such violence. “We must remember that many US police departments train with the Israeli Defense Forces,” the group wrote. “The same forces behind the genocide of black people in America are behind the genocide of Palestinians. The IDF assists the NYPD and other American police departments in their oppression and murder of black people.”

A Jewish pro-Palestinian activist, Alice Rothchild, also addressed the training of some US law enforcement officials in Israel, alleging that IDF policies are based on racism toward “brown people.”

“While the carnage in our cities is certainly related to our own history of slavery and modern day racism and lack of gun control and a host of societal forces, having a police force influenced and trained by an occupying military force that sees another group of brown people (Arabs) as the enemy has certainly heightened the issue. The parallels between white racism and Jewish supremacy flourish here and abroad,” wrote Rothchild

Some of the groups associated with the Black Lives Matter movement protesting against US police violence towards black Americans have tied themselves to pro-Palestinian activists. For example, Dream Defenders – a Black Lives Matter group founded by Palestinian Ahmad Abuznaid – declares on their website that they are dedicated to fighting against the “continued settler colonial project, the state of Israel.”


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