Israel Thwarted Over 400 Major Terror Attacks in 2016

The amount of terror this tiny nation faces is unbelievable. Fortunately, we have excellent security

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Just because the number of successful attacks in Israel is down doesn’t mean the terrorists aren’t trying.

In fact, Israel faces hundreds upon hundreds of planned or premeditated attacks every year. You just don’t hear about most because our security forces manage to thwart them.

At a ceremony this week honoring the top operations carried out in the past two years by the Shin Bet (Israel’s equivalent of the American FBI), it was reported that over 400 major terror attacks were thwarted in the past year alone.

“It is thanks to the quality intelligence, the advanced technology, and the excellent human capital that the Shin Bet this year thwarted more than 400 significant attacks,” said Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman.

That’s just the “significant attacks.” It doesn’t include the many thousands of additional spontaneous or low-level acts of violence Israel must contend with on a regular basis.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who attended the ceremony, added:

“The Shin Bet carries out hundreds of operations that are a protective wall against the terror [threatening] to harm the security of Israel and its citizens. …The lives of many citizens were saved thanks to the amazing preventative actions the Shin Bet takes… In the name of the citizens of Israel — I salute and thank you for your actions as an unseen shield.”

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