Israelis Say Clinton More Presidential, Trump Better for Israel

Israelis largely divided on whom they’d vote for in US election, but most agree Clinton would harm Israel

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In the latest Israeli poll regarding the upcoming American presidential election, more respondents felt Hillary Clinton was more suited to the office, while Donald Trump would likely be more favorable toward the Jewish state.

Conducted on behalf of Israel Channel 2 News, the survey asked Israelis who of the Democratic and Republican frontrunners would make the best president of the United States.

Forty-seven percent said Clinton was more fit for the task, and 42 percent said they’d vote for the Democrat if they were American citizens. Just 31 percent of Israelis polled felt Trump was a better candidate for president, while 35 percent said they’d vote for the real estate mogul.

When asked which candidate would be better for Israel, the results were somewhat different.

Thirty-seven percent of Israelis felt Trump would be better for their country, compared to 36 percent for Clinton.

A 57-percent majority said Clinton was far more likely to pressure Israel into making inadvisable concessions to the Palestinians, while just 13 percent feared the same from Trump.

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