MembersOverton Window: The Israeli Version

Dr. Joseph P. Overton researched how leaders and governments could convince their publics to accept the most ludicrous ideas.

By Oria Amrani |
Radical agents
Photo: Roni Schutzer/ Flash90

The “Overton Window” offers a model to identify which ideas can be acceptable to the public at a given time. It explains how previously despicable ideas become legitimate.

A year ago, I was invited to participate in a limited and clandestine workshop led by a world-renowned expert on psychological warfare. We were given a rare glimpse into a parallel, dark universe.

He told us that he was hired by governments to implant ideas and agendas in the minds of millions of people. But one need not rely on my experience. The recent Facebook scandal is all about planting ideas in the minds of unwary people. After that workshop, this expert told me that the world is embroiled in a transparent war between good and evil. Billions of people around the globe can’t see it. Israel is at the forefront of the good, and our job is to wake up the world.

Overton demonstrated how people can be driven to believe total lies. He showed how ideas previously relegated to history’s cesspool were dug up, polished, reintroduced and entered legal...

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