Palestinian PM Says Israel Has No Right to Counter Terrorism

Suggests international law gives Arabs right to murder Jews; demands Israeli withdrawal from Temple Mount

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Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah this week issued a statement condemning Israel’s response to last week’s deadly Tel Aviv terrorist shooting, and insisting that Muslims be given free rein in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Following the shooting at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, Israel learned that the shooters had come from the Hebron-area Palestinian village of Yatta. As expected, Israeli forces sealed off the area and conducted investigations in and around the village for several days, before largely lifting the restrictions this week.

According to Hamdallah, this mode of operation is unacceptable.

Misrepresenting international law, Hamdallah was adamant that as a “nation under occupation” (even though ‘Palestine’ has never been a nation) the Palestinian Arabs have the right to combat Israel by any means deemed necessary.

Apparently, in the thinking of the Palestinian leadership, that also includes murdering unarmed civilians sitting down to dinner.

The statement went on to demand that Israel withdraw its boosted police forces that were deployed to Jerusalem’s Old City during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when an increased number of Palestinian and Israeli Arabs are visiting the mosques that occupy the Temple Mount.

These are the people with whom Israel is expected to find an equitable diplomatic solution to the conflict.

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