Report: Messianic Couple Sues Wedding Hall for Canceling

Owner of event hall reportedly told couple they could not read from New Testament at wedding ceremony

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A Messianic Jewish couple is suing an event hall in the Israeli coastal town of Yavne after the owner refused to host their wedding upon learning that they believe in Yeshua and intended to read scriptures from the New Testament at the ceremony.

That according to a report in a local subsidiary of Israel’s Ynet news portal.

Already six months ago, the couple had booked the event hall in question. As the big day neared, they held a rehearsal, during which the owner realized the New Testament would play a role in the ceremony.

He reportedly told the couple they could still hold the wedding in his hall, but only if they agreed not to read from the New Testament.

The couple explained this was an important part of who they are, and would therefore not agree to his demand, at which point the owner cancelled the booking.

The couple is suing the event hall for 100,000 shekels (~$25,000 USD) for what they said was religious discrimination.

Responses to the article on the Hebrew-language site were varied, though a majority seemed to side with the couple, some even calling for a boycott of the event hall. One respondent said that while he is not a Messianic believer, he sees the Messianic Jews as good and loyal citizens who deserve the same respect as all other Jews. Another said that if Messianic Jews are labeled as a cult, then so, too, should the various ultra-Orthodox sects.

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