MembersShould Messianic Jews Celebrate Christmas?

Whether or not Messianic Jews should celebrate Christmas is a complex question that has theologians debating, Christians confused, and Messianic Jews left with a genuine dilemma.

| Topics: Christmas, Jewish Messianism
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

If Messianic Jews and Christians believe in the same Messiah, why do some have strong reservations about celebrating this joyous holiday? Shouldn’t they be the first to commemorate the day their long-awaited Messiah entered a world in need of salvation?

On the surface level, Christmas is a melting pot of everything that makes the world wonderful. People risk traveling in snowstorms and blizzards to spend time with loved ones under a glowing tree, exchange gifts, and get lost in a winter wonderland of memories. What’s wrong with that?

Generally nothing. But if you dig deeper into the history of Christmas, you’ll find that around 325 C.E, the Church made a great effort to convert Jews to Christianity, attempting to separate them from their Jewish identity. Biblical holidays were ‘out’, and Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas were ‘in.’

 Can I interest you in a bit of shove-Christmas-down-your-Jewish-throat flavored eggnog?

If anything, forcing Jews, Messianic...

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