Terrorists Caught!

After a massive three-day manhunt, the terrorists behind the gruesome Independence Day attack were arrested

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Terrorism, War on Terror
Combined search party consisting of IDF soldiers, Israeli police officers and Shin Bet agents in the field following the capture of two wanted terrorists. Photo: Israel Police

Israeli defense officials announced earlier today that the two terrorists who killed three Israelis in an ax attack last Thursday, at the tail end of Israel’s Independence Day, have been arrested following a three-day manhunt.

As’ad Alrafa’ani, 19, and Sabhi Abu Shakir, 20, were found on Sunday morning hiding behind a bush in a forest near Elad, the small religious town in central Israel where they had carried out their gruesome assault. They had reportedly not eaten and had little to drink over the past 60 hours.

“The two terrorists who killed three Israeli civilians in the deadly attack in the city of Elad have been caught,” read a joint statement by the IDF, the Shin Bet and the Israel Police.

The moment of arrest:

Police Chief Kobi Shabtai hailed the efforts of the security forces.

“The search for the terrorists is over. Our intensive activity immediately after the terrorist attack forced them into hiding, which finally led us to them,” he said.

Oren Ben Yiftach, Boaz Gol and Yonatan Havakuk, all young Israeli fathers, were killed in Thursday night’s attack. They leave behind a combined 16 orphans.

Investigations into the attack revealed that the terrorists contacted one of their victims, Oren Ben Yiftach, a driver, at the end of Independence Day and asked him to drive them to Elad.

The two claimed that they were working on renovating a synagogue in the city. Oren complied and when they got near the synagogue, the terrorists attacked and killed him.

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