These Are the Next Big Israeli Innovations Wowing the World

TIME magazine presents its top 100 innovations of the year, and no surprise, Israel is well represented on the list

By Michael Selutin | | Topics: Startup Nation
Photo: City Transformer

TIME magazine published its list of the 100 top innovations of the year, and six of them come from Israel.

Six percent doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider that Israel’s share of the world’s population is only 0.11 percent, the figure is impressive. TIME rated originality, creativity, effectiveness, ambition and impact. The latest Israeli innovators making the world a better place are:

  • Beewise with its smart beehive, the “Beehome”. This offers its residents the best conditions for a productive life. Using precision robots, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, each Beehome can house 2 million bees, and monitors the insects around the clock. If parasites or irregular internal temperatures are detected, the system automatically employs pesticides or takes over appropriate measures.
  • TrialJectory has developed an artificial intelligence-based platform that analyzes clinical studies in order to provide the best possible treatment for patients. It specializes in cancer treatments for the time being. The patient fills out a questionnaire and the algorithm starts looking for the optimal treatment. The system also helps doctors and pharmaceutical companies find suitable test subjects.
  • Augmedics has developed a surgeon headset that uses augmented reality to display a CT scan as a 3D image. For example, it can project a spatial image of a patient’s spine over the patient’s body. This enables the surgeon to see a lot without taking his eyes off the operation. The headset is already in use in the USA.
Headset for surgeons
  • Mifold has designed a child car seat that meets the highest safety requirements and can be folded up easily. With a whopping 243 configurations and settings, the car seat can be used by children from infancy through early elementary school. TIME was particularly impressed by the clever design.
  • City Transformer is the name of a 2.35 meter (92.5 inches) long and 1.44 meter (56.7 inches) wide car. The two-seater can be folded up to a width of just one meter (39.4 inches). In this form, the car can still drive, making parking in tight situations much easier. The interior remains the same, and you can even shrink the car at the push of a button while driving.

  • DouxMatok developed the Incredo Sugar. The new form of the sweetener allows the sugar content to be reduced by 30 to 50 percent while maintaining the same degree of sweetness. Sugar grains are manipulated in such a way that the taste buds are optimally stimulated. This allows less sugar to be used to get the same flavor.


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