“Untie the IDF’s hands,” insists Christian Arab activist

To defeat Hamas, the Israeli army must ‘speak the language of the Middle East,’ says Yoseph Haddad.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza
Israeli Arab Christian activist Yoseph Haddad fights through tears as he calls for the IDF to be allowed to destroy Hamas. Screenshot
Israeli Arab Christian activist Yoseph Haddad fights through tears as he calls for the IDF to be allowed to destroy Hamas. Screenshot

Yoseph Haddad is not only one of the few Arab voices speaking out for Israel, he’s one of the clearest voices period regarding what has happened, and what now needs to be done.

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Haddad has been advocating abroad for Israel for years, in addition to his efforts to encourage more young Arabs to volunteer for IDF service. And he hasn’t rested since the beginning of this war on that accursed Shabbat morning, October 7, 2023.

But Monday was something of a turning point for Haddad. His blood fully reached boiling point after attending an IDF screening for foreign journalists.

The Israeli Arab influencer joined the foreign press corps for a special briefing by the IDF aimed at helping to counter the lies of Hamas apologists who are now claiming that many of the atrocities in southern Israel never happened.

To achieve this, the IDF screened raw footage from the GoPro cameras worn by Hamas gunmen, local security cameras in the occupied Israeli villages, and the dash cams of Israeli motorists. The IDF did not allow the journalists to rebroadcast any of the footage out of sensitivity for the families of the victims. But Israel hoped the foreign press would take what it was shown and confirm the truth.

For Haddad, it was an additional wake-up call, and one he hopes the rest of Israel hears loud and clear.

Speaking to Channel 14 News later in the day, Haddad said that he “broke a little today,” despite having dealt with the images of atrocities for the previous two-and-a-half weeks.

It was one particular segment of the screening that sent him over the edge:

“The scene showed two children, barely 10-years-old, who were trying to flee with their father. A Hamas terrorist chases them, kills the father in front of his two children, and drags the children into the house.

“Both children are wounded. And while this damned terrorist opens the fridge to find something to drink, one of the childen is begging, ‘Just kill me, I want to die.'”

Fighting through tears, Haddad demanded to know: “How can it be that a 10-year-old child says these words! How can it be that a 10-year-old child begs to be killed?! Where have we ended up? What has happened to us?”

Haddad went on to insist that if anyone in a position of authority in Israel today has any intention other than to destroy Hamas, they need to resign and go home now.

And those who remain need to understand that in order to truly defeat Hamas, Israel is going to need to get its hands dirty.

“They broke us. They humiliated us. It’s time to humiliate them. It’s time to break them,” stressed Haddad. “Let the IDF ‘speak’ in the language of the Middle East, in the language of the Arabs. We have the means. We need the resolve.”

He said that if such a position makes him an extremist, then so be it. The time has come to defend the people of Israel at any cost.