VIDEO: How Does the Israeli Army REALLY Treat Palestinians?

Where else can a terrorist stab soldiers and then receive medical treatment from those same soldiers?!

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Our friend in the Israeli army, Hananya Naftali, has produced another video clip aiming to bring some truth to the question of how Israeli soldiers treat Palestinian Arabs.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there in this regard, and it’s instructive to get some first-hand perspective from an Israeli soldier who also happens to be a fellow believer.

As Naftali points out in the video, where else in the world can a terrorist stab a soldier, be neutralized and then have the victim’s fellow soldiers provide medical attention to that same terrorist?

Naftali goes on to note that during his time at checkpoints, he has been cursed at, spit on and even attacked with stones. But, as he explains, the IDF trains its soldiers to continue to view the Palestinians as humans, and to treat them as such.

This is definitely a video that needs to be shared far and wide.

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