Despite all the trials and tribulations, Israel is standing strong. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Bible prophecy told us it would be so.
IDF, Economy & Prophecy: Three Reasons for Optimism
As Israel approaches a turning point in its journey from internal strife to ultimate, divinely-ordained destiny.
Is the new Netanyahu government the first step toward a modern theocracy in the State of Israel?
Next Stop Theocracy? Census Report on Where Israel is Headed
As Israel's most religious right-wing government ever takes power, secular citizens worry how much the Bible and Judaism will rule their lives.
Illustration. It's time for Messianic Jews to come home and live among our people as Jews.
The Future for Messianic Jews in the Last Days
Messianic Jews need to reintroduce their faith by living Jewish lives together with our people and talking about faith in Yeshua as Judaism.
God's word is quite clear on where He stands regarding the Land of Israel. So why do so many Christians support the unbiblical "land-for-peace" process?
Definitively: Can, or Should, Christians Support ‘Land-for-Peace’?
If we can know how God views it, we’d know the answer. And, of course, we can know.
The Arab world is growing fed-up with the Palestinian cause, and it's showing on social media.
How the Arab Position Toward the Palestinian Issue Is Changing
What are Arabs from across the Middle East saying about the Palestinian cause on social media? You might be surprised.
Shas leader Aryeh Deri might be a crook, but does the Supreme Court have the right to disqualify him from government? Or worse, to oppose the will of the people?
God, Government or Supreme Court - Who's in Charge?
The saga of Aryeh Deri, and who has the right to appoint government ministers in the State of Israel.
Left-wing Israelis protest against the new government's proposed judicial reforms with signs reading "Biblical Disaster" in reference to the fact that more than half of the government's members are Bible-believing Jews.
Restoring Balance, or Flirting With Fascism?
What leading voices in Israel are saying both for and against the Netanyahu government's purposed judicial reforms.
The Israelite walls of Dan, a city that represents Israel's tragic move away from God and the destruction that followed.
Tel Dan – God’s Order & Israel’s Doom
This 6th installment of “Guiding God’s Land” finds us on the Israel-Lebanon border, where we hike along a rushing, effervescent stream. And up ahead is an ancient city tied to a terrible tale of “the Ten Lost Tribes.”